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South Pacific at the Rubicon Theatre

Selected Reviews

"Dillon Francis was pure clown genius in his chameleon-like assumption of several diverse roles – Armin, Robert Catesby, Edward Coke, Porter, and smaller cameos, including Lady Macbeth!"

-Daniel Kepl, Casa SB


"One scene that really seemed to define the piece was her interaction with Craig, played brilliantly by Dillon Francis, a town drunk and one of the most effective narrators in the piece, which got to the heart of lost childhood innocence."

-Bryn Lemon, The Bottom Line


"As Hannay, Francis has to be something of a physical illusionist in swift changes while maintaining the stiff upper-lip calm of a proper gentleman."

-Rita Moran, VC Star


"Credit for the most (small) roles played goes to Dillon Francis, who aptly portrays Merton’s hometown friend, a cameraman, a fast-talking deal maker and even the voice on the gramophone cranking out acting instructions."

-Rita Moran, VC Star



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